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Medeco Security Locks

My name is Mark Trump and I work for Medeco Security Locks, Industrial Security division. I provide Technical Support and Training on various Route Management applications and have been using Teamatic for about 3 years. Being a direct liason between the customer and development team, many issues are reported and must be mananged according to priority and severity.

The flexibility to manage, track and report on bugs while in the office and in the field has been essential in providing an accurate, up-to-date list of open and resolved issues. The comfort and confidence we have in relying on Teamatic as our problem reporting utility has provided our customers assurance that their input is not only valued, but tracked to resolution.

After upgrading our subscription, we noted that a custom report would be helpful in providing a list of problems reported by priority would be necessary to present a weekly meeting update. Teamatic had our report waiting on us less than 24 hours after my request was submitted.

Overall, Teamatic has allowed pinpoint accuracy in the status of all issues we've submitted. The feature set, availability and management tools that are included, even in the free subscription, sets the standard for a web-based, problem reporting utility.

Mark Trump
Industrial Security Technical Services
Medeco Security Locks
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