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Security Roles in Teamatic

The user who registers the company with Teamatic is automatically assigned the "Administrator" role.
The "Administrator" can then create Projects and other "Users".
By default, "Users" do not have access to a project until they are granted a "Project User" or "Project Manager" role to the project.
If a person is granted the "Project Read-only User" role, the user will not be able to create/modify a case. The "Save" functionality will be restricted for that user for that particular project.
Both the "Administrator" and the "Project Manager" can assign the "Project Manager" or "Project User" role to other users.
The following matrix defines how the security roles within Teamatic work:
  Administrator Project Manager Project User Project Read Only User User
Maintain Company Info Yes No No No No
Maintain Company Users Yes No No No No
Create Project Yes No No No No
Maintain Project and Releases Yes Yes No No No
Assign Managers/ Users to Project Yes Yes No No No
Create Case Yes Yes Yes No No
View Case Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Participate in Discussions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Download Data Extraction File Yes No No No No
For instructions on how to create Users, Assign Users to Projects, etc., refer to the Getting Started Guide.
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