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NOTICE: After many years of serving our customers. Teamatic will be shutting down as of Feb 1, 2018.
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Try it out - Using Teamatic to bring the company together!

Our demo company, LiveDemo, Inc., is a company that specializes in multimedia projectors and other presentation equipment. LiveDemo, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago but it has offices around the world. The following is a demonstration of how LiveDemo, Inc. uses Teamatic to bring the company together!

The IT department at the LiveDemo headquarters is developing an online order-entry system ( a.k.a. WEBOE ). Because Teamatic is a web-based issue-tracking system, the QA department in Atlanta can now log and communicate bugs to the development team without costly phone bills.

All issues are directed to the WEBOE Project Manager, Tim Wells. Tim Wells looks through the issues and determines the validity, priority and severity of each issue. The invalid issues are sent back to the QA team ( by flipping the "Assignee" and putting comments in the "Resolution" or "Action History" ) and the valid ones are assigned to the WEBOE prime developers, John Doe and Susan White. Because of Teamatic's Email Notification feature, the developers are notified of any new issues assigned to them, even when they out of the office ( all livedemo employees have email-enabled cell-phones =) or not logged into Teamatic.

Tim Wells also uses Teamatic to run statistics for his weekly status meetings. Teamatic keeps a tally of the total number of cases logged and the number of open cases of each project in the main screen. Tim also uses the ad-hoc query capability in Teamatic to run different reports on the project as well as on the workload of individual team members.

Another project at LiveDemo is the development of the corporate web site, led by Brian So. The developers of this project are Kathy Smith and John Doe.

Thanks to the Security by Project feature in Teamatic, only the project users of a particular project can view the project or log cases against the project. This keeps all users focused on the projects that they are responsible for.

The following table summarizes the roles and the projects for the users in LiveDemo. You are welcomed to login as anyone of them to see for yourself how Teamatic can help your company. As a courtesy to other people, please refrain from changing the roles, information or passwords for these users. Also, the Email Notification will not work for these users since their email accounts are fictitious.

Please note that the following accounts are for demonstration purposes only and we reserve the rights to add/modify/remove any information under this account.
To try out Teamatic for your own company, you are invited to sign up. The Teamatic service is free for use over the internet.

The following matrix defines how the security roles within Teamatic work:
Login Name Password Company Code Projects Roles
liveadmin password livedemo All!! Administrator
timwells password livedemo WEBOE Project Manager for WEBOE
susanwhite password livedemo WEBOE Project User for WEBOE
johndoe password livedemo WEBOE, Corporate Web Site Project User for WEBOE and Corporate Web Site
qauser1 password livedemo WEBOE Project User for WEBOE
brianso password livedemo Corporate Web Site Project Manager for Corporate Web Site
kathysmith password livedemo Corporate Web Site Project User for Corporate Web Site
socialdirector password livedemo None Project User only

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